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Welcome to naleylims! This is a challenge based on Nathan Scott & Haley James Scott from One Tree Hill.


01. To participate you must leave a comment with your username to this post. Once you sign-up you must submit an icon every round unless given a ‘bye’ week. Each contestant automatically has one bye week. In order to get a second bye week you must promote the community & leave the link in a comment here. If you fail to enter after you have used your bye weeks, you will disqualified for the rest of the round.

02. A new challenge will be posted Sunday afternoon. It will be a cap of either Nathan or Haley, a picture of Bethany Joy Lenz or James Lafferty, or a themed challenge. Make sure you read & follow the rules regarding the entry. Certain challenges will have certain requirements for the icon. All icons must be of LJ standards, meaning no larger than 40kb or 100x100 pixels. You may change your entry until voting goes up but once it does icons will no longer be taken.

03. Friday afternoon voting will go up. It will last until Sunday afternoon. Each week you will vote on two icons with the worst quality. Voting will not be by style or preference, it will be for the quality of the icon overall. You will also vote on a ‘people’s choice’ icon & there will be a ‘mod’s choice’ also. If you are voted out you will no longer be able to participate in the challenges until the next round. Please do not sign-up if you will not be able to accept being voted out.

04. All submissions need and must remain anonymous or you will be disqualified.

05. When signing up, make sure to include “true love” in your comment.

06. Any questions or concerns you may contact me (Leah) at lilcheerbabe60@yahoo.com.